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The Kamanakao Association
Our Objectives


Our Objectives
Kamanakao long-term vision
The Executive Members
Documents from our Coordinator
Shikati Calvin Kamanakao Speeches
Wayeyi Legal Battle to Equal Recognition
The Wayeyi Chieftainship
Wayeyi Traditionals
Photos of Wayeyi people
Association Activities
Our Contacts
Message Board



  1. To develop and maintain the Shiyeyi language and culture;

  2. To carry out and disseminate research on Shiyeyi language, culture, traditions, customs, life-styles, norms, beliefs and other related issues;

  3. To cultivate an appreciation of and knowledge about the Shiyeyi culture;

  4. To promote the storage, retrieval, dissemination and development of Shiyeyi literary and cultural materials;

  5. To collaborate with other bodies interested in the promotion and maintenance of language and culture;




Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

Kamanakao Association* Box 502490* Gaborone * Botswana* Southern Africa