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The Kamanakao Association
Association Activities


Our Objectives
Kamanakao long-term vision
The Executive Members
Documents from our Coordinator
Shikati Calvin Kamanakao Speeches
Wayeyi Legal Battle to Equal Recognition
The Wayeyi Chieftainship
Wayeyi Traditionals
Photos of Wayeyi people
Association Activities
Our Contacts
Message Board

Current Activities include
  • Publishing the orthography
  • developing more reading materials
  • Developing the Cultural Centre at Gumare (this is where the Late Chief, Shikati Kamanakao was buried.
  • Conducting an annual cultural festival at which girls are taught about HIV/AIDS


1. Installation of the Wayeyi Regent - following the death of Shikati Kamanakao

2. Visit to Namibia

3. Annual Cultural Festival in April 2004

4. Kamanako Association Diary of Activities

Kamanakao Association, Botswana