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The Kamanakao Association
Kamanakao long-term vision


Our Objectives
Kamanakao long-term vision
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In order to achieve our objectives Kamanakao Association wishes to accomplish the following:- 

  1. LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT: this includes development of
    • a writing system (orthography)
    • grammatical descriptions (grammar books)
    • a dictionary

  2. LITERACY DEVELOPMENT: this includes
    • writing story booklets for children
    • writing primers/pamphlets on important messages for adult literacy
    • translating hymns and portions of the Bible
    • conducting literacy classes for adults and children

    • developing a Cultural Centre in which most of our Literacy Development activities (item 2 above) will take place
    • training in cultural skills (e.g. canoeing) and performances (e.g. dances)
    • conducting research on Shiyeyi language and culture

  4. TRAINING in:
    • Bible translation
    • cultural studies
    • literacy material development

Currently, the Association is working on:
  • developing the orthography to facilitate the production of literacy materials;
  • collecting oral stories, songs, poems and so on, which are useful to provide the rich language its context and facilitate the development of the orthography and of reading materials;
  • translation of hymns and gospels, and eventually the Bible;