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The Kamanakao Association


Our Objectives
Kamanakao long-term vision
The Executive Members
Documents from our Coordinator
Shikati Calvin Kamanakao Speeches
Wayeyi Legal Battle to Equal Recognition
The Wayeyi Chieftainship
Wayeyi Traditionals
Photos of Wayeyi people
Association Activities
Our Contacts
Message Board



i.        Groundwork in Shiyeyi Grammar with a Shiyeyi-English Glossary- by Dr. Stephen Lukusa - University of Botswana

ii.       Shiyeyi phrases for use in the Okavango Delta

iii.     Yimba Shiyeyi (25 Hymns from UCCSA Church)

iv.     Annual Calendar with reading texts and pictures (each year we have a different theme for the Calendar)

v.      Manqee iShiyeyi (Shiyeyi stories)

vi.     Mayi nga maqa (Good News ( Portions of John with Gospel Music in Shiyeyi traditional melody)


  1. Ready for Publishing

i.        Mokwaro wo Shiyeyi (Shiyeyi Orthography)

ii.       Shiyeyi-English Transitional Primer

iii.     Storybook 1 (General topics Shiyeyi Daily life, hunting, etec)

iv.     Storybook 2 (Childrens diseases & recipes)

v.      Shiyeyi English Picture Dictionary

Copies @ Botswana Book Centre