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On this home page, we'll introduce our Association and highlight important areas on our site. .

The Kamanakao Association is a registered non-governmental organization with the basic objective of maintaining and developing the remnants of the language and culture of the Wayeyi people of northern Botswana. Shiyeyi refers to both the language and culture of the Wayeyi people. In Shiyeyi, Kamanakao means "remnants."

Since its establishment, the association has worked tirelessly to convince the Government of Botswana to officially denounce  the people of Wayeyi tribe as minority and also recognise their chieftainship  as legitimate.

Some efforts have been fruitfull!



The Inauguration Ceremony
Shikati Kamanakao, Lydia Ramahobo,Mr Meti, Mr. Mocks Kututo and Mr. Otukile Supang

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